• Hamburg, Welle „Am Sandtorkai“, 2006

    c/o China Shipping, HafenCity

    Welle „Am Sandtorkai“, at China Shipping, HafenCity Hamburg Commissioned by: AUG. PRIEN, Hamburg – Artist: C. Junghanns, http://www.neopop.de

    Hanover artist C. Junghanns devised his linear, wavelike Welle for the quayside near the China Shipping building. Approximately 17 metres by 20 overall, the image was scaled up from a plan using a full-size template and a grid drawn on the asphalt surface. Artist, landscape architects and workers from a road-marking company joined together in this art-happening to set out the curving lines of the wave in adhesive tape and then to fix them in cold plastic marking material.

    A good view of the motif is to be had from the upper floors of the neighbouring buildings, but it makes for a strikingly graphic effect even when viewed from ground level, bringing a little poetry to the poured asphalt that serves as emergency access for the fire-brigade in case of flooding, which therefore can carry only two-dimensional art.

    For the making of the work, see: Video Link

    Ort Hamburg
    Kunde AUG. PRIEN
    Jahr 2006
    Kosten 15.000,- €
    Größe Bild ca. 17x20 m